eyJwb3J0YWxJZCI6MjQ3NzAyOSwic2l0ZVVybCI6Ind3dy5kaWdpbWVkaWFjb2FjaC5jb20ifQ== Writing Measurable Objectives | Digi Media Coach: Put Technology to Work for You

Thinking about writing an online course? One of the first places to start is by writing your objectives.

Each elearning course should have at least three lessons and a final quiz with certificate. All online courses should have a downloadable handout so that the learner does not have to go back to the lesson for a resource link or a quick review.

A lesson should be 5-10 minutes in length. Each lesson should begin with letting the learners know what they are going to learn – by one sentence objectives. An objective should always contain an actionable verb – something that can be measured. Attached is an actionable verb list you can place on your desktop for quick reference. Note: Understand is NOT a measurable objective.

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