eyJwb3J0YWxJZCI6MjQ3NzAyOSwic2l0ZVVybCI6Ind3dy5kaWdpbWVkaWFjb2FjaC5jb20ifQ== Resize Multiple Photos Fast | Digi Media Coach: Put Technology to Work for You

The other day, I needed to resize a bunch of pictures and the thought of doing them one-by-one made me think…. there has to be a better way.  I reached out to my friend Rob Maggs (Internet Marketing Guru) and he shared with me a tool he uses. It converts photos in seconds, even multiple ones, and best of all…. it’s FREE.

It is super easy to install and use.  Once installed, you choose a picture(s), then right click and choose resize.  There are several options or a custom size option.  It takes seconds to resize multiple pics.

If you choose to download and use it, please send Rob Maggs a Thank You on Facebook.

> Click here to download Image Resizer