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HW Web Scholarship

HW Web |  Scholarship Program
Lots of passion about health/wellness, but just a little cash?
Are you excited about starting your coaching program, but lack the funds?

We are offering ten scholarships to aspiring Health/Wellness coaches.7K0A0597
Here is your chance to start making your dream a reality and become a part of a growing HW community.

The HW Web Scholarship program is more than just a website, it includes being a part of a special mastermind group, access to biz building training, start building high quality content, get mentoring / feedback to improve your skills and prepare to launch your own profitable online coaching business.

To be considered: You must be at least 21 years old living in the United States. You agree to abide by all website terms / conditions. Your financial commitment to the program is $29. You are also expected to be an active member of the online community, participating in weekly activities to gain knowledge, confidence and skills.

The expectation is you will “graduate” to your own website within three months. Graduates of the program will receive generous discounts on all our website services and remain valued content partners in our HW online community. Our review selection committee decisions are final, winners will be notified.
Program starts May 10.

> Fill out the form below to be considered (May 5 Deadline)

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