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Keeping up with blog posting can be a chore. Why would you want to track your blog posts?

It’s easy, it makes you accountable. If you are serious about building your business you need to be writing and posting to your blog on a regular and ongoing basis.

Setting up a blog posting schedule takes away that “blank page” syndrome, so you know what topic you are going to be writing about. Also if you have a collection of graphics or links to web-based videos, you can enhance your posting into a multi-media experience.

Putting your blog posting schedule on paper will spell disaster. The paper will get lost and then all of your precious info is gone.

I am always on the lookout for new cloud-based tools to enhance and automate my business. Automation means that I have more time to do the fun stuff – like write and be creative.

Take a look at this great new tool, AirTable. Great way to keep up with blog posts – that you can turn into ebooks. I also like the project planning tool. And they have a free version. can’t beat that….

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