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My passion is teaching with technology.  I’m a third generation teacher, who put my master’s degree to use in building a successful corporate career of global training delivery and online community building.

My dream company, Design2Train was founded in 2001 with a focus to create custom eLearning. In 2003 we expanded services into small biz consulting, website development and internet marketing.

In 2015 we added green screen video production, animated videos and custom mobile apps. In 2016, we are launching online communities as well as a virtual conference center. These services help biz owners and coaches to exponentially grow their web presence. Come join the fun!

My Steve Jobs Story: In graduate school at Texas A&M, I experienced my first Mac and instantly fell in love with those elegant computers. I still own my original 128K Mac!  In 2000, I was offered a senior training position in Cupertino, two levels down from Steve Jobs. I turned down my dream job, due to family circumstances. My only regret was not meeting Jobs in person.

I would have told him how much the Mac influenced my life, career choices, and of course…Thank you.

V. Karen Miller, M.Ed.

digi media coach | Design2Train