Need Affordable Healthcare Coverage?
Affordable Healthcare Coverage - Did you know that your cost-sharing coverage can start as low as $45? No enrollment deadlines, so consider applying today.

NOTE: If you choose to signup, we would appreciate if you would put Scott's name (Scott Miller #176117) in the referral box. We will receive one free month of healthcare benefits when you have paid for three months of service.

Guess what? You will earn this same benefit as a CHM member too. So the cost of your healthcare could actually go down next year.

Are you faced with rising healthcare costs? Our rates have not changed since 2013.  This healthcare coverage has a life-changing blessing to our family, especially since my hubby has been in the hospital 7 times this past year (over $225,000 in Hospital billings). Without the CHM coverage, we could have been in financial distress- instead of "financial peace". It truly works for us, it can be a great benefit to your family as well.